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Our Sales Networks service provides the brand with a team of professionals, each managing an entire territorial area. They take care of nurturing relationships and managing the point of sale: from assortment implementation to visual merchandising, from handling relationships with the department head or store manager to training the store staff.


We operate within a selected panel of stores based on the relevant channel, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


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Territorial Area Management


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Point of Sale Management


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In-Store Relationship Management


Unleash the Potential of Your Field Projects

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For companies looking to swiftly promote
their products and services across territories.


Area Management

Our team defines and implements the client company's commercial strategies territorially, maximizing the impact of promotional and sales activities. Leveraging our experience and market knowledge, we identify business opportunities and create synergies to achieve the set objectives.


Panel Management

We manage stores across various channels that best suit the client company's needs and strategies, ensuring a constant and widespread presence across the territory.


Assortment Management

Carried out in stores by the area manager, involving meticulous planning and handling of stock and returns, as well as setting sales objectives. All to ensure the right assortment and product stock, encouraging loyalty and Brand Awareness.


Visual Merchandising

To ensure successful in-store promotions, our team takes charge of presenting products in a way that enhances their appeal and makes them more attractive to the end consumer.


Department Head Relationship Management

A key aspect of our service, fostering a relationship of trust and collaboration with the point of sale, facilitating the achievement of the company's sales objectives.

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Staff Training

The zone manager oversees the training of point-of-sale staff for the proper presentation of the activity or product.

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