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A 360° Field Marketing in the Mass Retail Channel

We partner with brands in the competitive world of Retail, aiming to optimize product visibility and impact in-store and drive sales in retail outlets. We design and execute In-Store Promotion campaigns and Merchandising services, also handling set-up and logistics of support materials: a 360-degree service.


We operate across the entire Italian territory, including islands, thanks to an extensive network of Merchandisers, Store Accounts, Promoters, and Ambassadors. We rely on a direct network of regional Promotion Managers who provide daily support and supervision of ongoing promotional activities.



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In-Store Promotion


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Store Accounting


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We ensure products are always present and well-organized

In our merchandising service, we commit to ensuring your products maintain optimal visibility within Retail outlets. We meticulously follow planograms with the goal of organizing shelves to capture consumer attention in the hectic store environment, ensuring an optimized and impactful presence of items.



We ensure the replenishment of shelves following FIFO principles.



Assortment Verification

We handle the verification of the product range on shelves.



Price Monitoring

We manage the control and updating of product prices on the shelf.



Order Taking

We collect product orders from the point of sale.




Our personnel receives POP materials, transports them to the point of sale, sets them up, and positions them in high-impact areas in the selling area.




Our logistics department directly handles the receipt, storage, kitting, and shipping of POP materials with internal staff.


  • Customized POP Material Design

    In MMR, being absent or not visible has the same result: the product is not purchased.

We support your campaigns by creating tailor-made POP materials that allow you to stand out to potential buyers.

We create totems, displays, signs, promotional islands, pallet arches, banners, etc.
We provide 360-degree management for promotional materials.



We take care of:

  • Concept creation
  • Production
  • Handling
  • Installation
  • Material retrieval


We authentically engage the consumer


  • Tasting or Sampling Activities
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sales Consultancy
  • Distribution of Samples and Gifts
  • Presentation of Engagement Initiatives, offline or online

We organize tailor-made In-Store Promotion activities, carried out by highly professional Promoters and Ambassadors designed specifically to provide an engaging experience in Retail outlets.


Each activity aims to highlight the distinctive features of the product, provide information, and above all, engage potential buyers.


Our attention to personnel selection, chosen for experience and attitude, ensures effective and engaging communication with the consumer.

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Brand Awareness Reinforcement


Presentation of values
and features

Complete Logistic Control

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Our service goes beyond the mere creation of materials.

We take care of the entire logistics process of materials, including transport management. Our logistics department also handles the receipt, assembly, and storage of materials, with covered storage space exceeding 8,000 sq. meters. Additionally, we closely monitor the distribution of materials in retail outlets and provide images directly from the points of sale through our digital tool, Run Faster.


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Digital Monitoring always available

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Run Faster enables real-time monitoring of promotional campaigns for Retail, offering a detailed overview of ongoing activities.

Our tool provides detailed, filterable, comparable, and printable reports at your convenience.
Included are geolocation data and images directly from the points of sale, providing a clear and comprehensive view of the performance of the promotional campaign.


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