Field Marketing for the DIY, Bricolage, and Hobbies Sector

We design and execute Field Marketing services in the world of DIY, bricolage, and hobbies, operating in specialized store chains and franchises.

Highly specialized teams in this segment allow us to provide our clients with specific know-how: tailor-made promotional initiatives such as In-Store Promotion and Merchandising, to successfully address the challenges of this complex channel.


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Promotional Space Management


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Refilling, Reshelving, Display Remake


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Set-up Management


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Highlighting the product and ensuring it remains well-positioned

We ensure that the products at the forefront of campaigns developed for DIY are always present, organized, and easily identifiable by potential buyers in specialized retail outlets through Merchandising activities such as reshelving, refilling, and rack jobbing.


A well-presented and organized appearance encourages consumer trust development.
We verify assortment, correct product placement based on sales strategy, handle the removal of damaged products, and shelf replenishment to ensure optimal product and Brand presentation throughout the campaign's duration.

Our goal is to optimize item arrangement and oversee the display space, making products always accessible and preventing them from being overshadowed by the competition.


The Right Promotional Material to Focus Attention on Products

Our mission is to transform our clients' needs into tangible and memorable realities.


We design setups and visibility materials to create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing display space within specialized retail outlets, ensuring that products and the Brand stand out from the competition and are remembered by consumers.


The engine behind every successful campaign is a winning mix of creativity and precise material management. We design and implement setups to capture the attention of potential buyers, present products in a stimulating way, and provide clear information, highlighting their advantages. We ensure that our graphic choices align with the Brand's identity and reflect the communicative needs of the product, in accordance with the client's creative team.

Logistics? We've got it covered

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Our approach doesn't stop at creativity: from concept to in-store management of POP Materials, we provide a complete logistics service that encompasses every phase of the process:

  • We create concepts that capture the essence of the brand.
  • We transform creative ideas into impactful materials and engaging installations.
  • We manage material storage and logistics with precision and care.
  • We transform promotional spaces in-store according to the needs of each campaign, making them attractive and memorable.
  • And when the campaign concludes, we take care of the retrieval and management of materials, returning them if necessary to our warehouses.

Visit the dedicated page to learn more.


Face-to-Face Communication with Ambassadors

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For our In-Store Promotion service in DIY channel retail outlets, we provide qualified and trained Ambassadors capable of engaging potential buyers and emotionally articulating the product's qualities.


We give consumers the opportunity to experience your products firsthand, to touch and understand their specific properties, accompanied by the informed and positive presence of the Ambassador.


Selection is carefully conducted by our HR Team, verifying experience and attitude towards the channel and product type. This targeted search allows us to develop clear, accurate, and participatory communication that can truly enter the perspective of potential buyers.


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