Merchandising of Your Products

Our Merchandising service allows for the improvement and increased visibility of products to capture consumer attention, with the goal of boosting sales. Merchandising activities include Reshelving, Rack Jobbing, Surveying, as well as Set-ups, Order Taking, Mystery Shopping, and Assortment Checks.


Our service specializes in MMR (Mass Market Retailers), as well as specialized distribution, such as the Pet and pharmaceutical channels, Sports Stores, Consumer Electronics Stores, and in the DIY sector.


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Reshelving e Rack Jobbing




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Order Taking




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Visual Merchandising




Tailor Made Service

Our service is completely tailored to the brand and product needs.

We create the project based on the client's requirements, in order to optimize the Field Marketing campaign and achieve set objectives.


The Merchandising service includes the following activities:

  • Reshelving, ensuring that products are always on the shelf, highly visible, and orderly.
  • Rack Jobbing: for the ideal and organized placement of products on the shelf.
  • Set-ups: for the preparation of retail spaces, creating a pleasant and effective shopping experience.
  • Order Taking: for direct order collection at the point of sale.
  • Assortment Check: periodic verification of product presence in the points of sale, according to assigned position, as well as actual availability (OOS verification).
  • Surveying: organized collection of information, such as prices, facing, positioning, etc.
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Run Faster

Our Campaign Manager Tool, completely digital and online, for real-time verification of your Field Marketing campaign.

Each client has a customizable private area, allowing for planning, management, and monitoring of their campaign with Runner Marketing. Directly connected to our APP, it enables quick and immediate campaign control. Reports with information collected during the campaign allow for maximum data visualization customization, according to each client's needs.

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Recruitment and Training

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Our staff is handpicked and specially trained to ensure an effective and meticulous service that can enhance the product according to the undertaken promotional activity.


A specialized in-house team handles the selection and training of personnel directly.



Logistics Management

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We directly manage the logistics of materials for Field Marketing activities: 3 warehouses with over 8,000 square meters of covered space available. A complete service management, from the arrival of materials at our warehouses, to storage, kitting, and shipment to points of sale.

The logistics management is entirely independent from the client; we offer a turnkey service up to the realization of the activity on the point of sale. The client is always updated on the status of their activities through the digital tool Run Faster.

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