Field Marketing for Pharmacy and Over the Counter Pharmacy

In the pharmacy and healthcare segment, we offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to OTC, Health, and Beauty products.


In-Store Promotion, Merchandising, POP material ideation, and logistics management: the combination of these services allows us to create and activate tailor-made field marketing services, aligning with the goals of companies in this particular channel.


Our experience enables us to understand the specific needs of this channel, starting with the relationship with the Pharmacist, a delicate interlocutor to handle "with care." Activities in the pharma segment must be managed with extreme precision, both operationally and relationally.


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Promotional Spaces



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Product Refilling




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In-Store Promotion




  • Maximizing Product Visibility and Presence in Retail Locations

    We support pharma brands inorganizing, managing, and overseeing promotional spaces in retail locations to highlight individual products and the brand itself.



Through specialized Merchandising services, such as careful management of displays, shelves, and racks, as well as meticulous product restocking on shelves and displays, we ensure the constant and optimal presence of products in pharmacies and stores, encouraging interest in the brand and attracting the attention of potential buyers.


We monitor assortment, gather information (space, price, competition...), check inventory, and identify any unavailable products.



Additionally, we develop networks of store accounts to further support product positioning and the relationship with pharmacists.

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Creation, transportation, and placement of POP Material?
We've got it covered

We handle:

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Handling
  • Installation
  • Dismantling and retrieval

Being visible and occupying the right space are fundamental factors in the success of campaigns. Therefore, we assist our clients in creating POP materials that can capture the attention of potential buyers and provide immediate information about the product.


We design totems, counter signs, displays, bases, product dispensers, signs, promotional islands, and much more, so that they can convey the campaign's message. We customize every visibility material to be in line with the product and brand identity.

We also activate with materials that attract consumer attention by installing lamps, monitors, inflatables, etc. Each solution is tailored to fit.


We take care of our materials comprehensively, monitoring the successful delivery to retail locations, setups, and giving the client the opportunity to have complete control over activities, such as receiving images directly from in-store personnel through our digital tool Run Faster.



Building Trust in the Brand through Face-to-Face Communication

In the complex and sensitive context of the pharmacy channel, trust is our priority.

Creating authentic connections with potential customers is crucial for the success of every campaign.


We meticulously prepare our Ambassadors to provide accurate information and communicate empathetically, reassuring and engaging potential buyers. Our Ambassadors specialize in the pharma/beauty/health channel, engaging the public using clear language to communicate the product's qualities and our clients' values.


We carefully choose our team, not only for competence and experience but also for authenticity and the right attitude to represent the campaign's featured products.


Continuous training and personalized briefings allow us to offer a professional and adaptable service to the needs of each brand.


Monitoring Activities with Run Faster, Digital Monitoring Tool

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We understand how timing and seasonality are key factors in the pharmaceutical, beauty, and health sectors. For this reason, with our digital tool Run Faster, we can ensure a rapid planning and execution of activities.


Run Faster is available to our clients through personalized credentials, allowing access from any browser. Developed to be intuitive and easy to use, it allows real-time monitoring of campaign performance, collecting data, demographics, and maintaining control over various aspects of a campaign.


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If you want to stand out in the Health sector and leave an indelible impression on your customers, Runner Marketing is the right choice for you. With our experience, care, and precision in every activity, we are ready to meet your needs comprehensively and effectively.


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