Bars and Tobacco Shops

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Market Analysis and Surveys for Bars and Tobacco Shops

We specialize in organizing and managing Field Marketing activities for the Bars and Tobacconists channel nationwide, particularly in the gambling and tobacco sectors.

Our hostesses primarily focus on data collection with surveys, occasionally providing training on the proper use of products to the staff of retail outlets.





Market Analysis


Collected Data Management

  • Professional Market Research and Data Collection

Directly engaging with the public


Our goal is to actively involve the target audience to gather detailed and useful information, enabling our clients to achieve their objectives and gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and market trends.

Careful and professional staff selection

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Our team is the result of careful and meticulous selection.


Through our professional staff selection portal, we carefully choose profiles that best suit the needs of each Brand. We accurately assess experience, skills, and attitude, ensuring the selection of reliable, engaging hostesses who meet expectations.

Data monitoring and digital reporting

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With our digital monitoring tool, Run Faster, you can manage your campaigns in real-time, and control survey and research results directly online.

Accessible via personal credentials from any browser, Run Faster ensures a high level of security for your data. The geolocation function provides even more detailed control over ongoing activities, ensuring greater accuracy in analyzing the obtained results.

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