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Field Marketing Campaigns to Take the Spotlight

We create promotional areas within shopping mall galleries and outlets (including outdoor spaces).


Our approach to promoting products and services is comprehensive and detailed at every stage: from designing the area and Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) materials to selecting hostesses, analyzing data reports, and dismantling the setup.


Attention to detail and precision in promotional activity planning allow us to give your product greater visibility and impact within galleries and outlets, stimulating curiosity and attracting potential buyers.


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Gallery Relationship Management




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Promotional Area
Design and Management


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Direct Engagement
with Hostesses



Managing Relationships and Strategic Agreements with Shopping Malls and Outlets

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It's important for us to offer our clients a truly 360° service: comprehensive assistance that covers every aspect of promotional campaigns. In addition to taking care of creative and strategic ideas, we directly manage relationships with shopping malls and outlets.


Our dedicated team establishes and manages strategic agreements for promotional space occupancy. We handle contractual, financial, and insurance aspects to facilitate communication between the client and the venue.


We guarantee total support to ensure every partnership translates into successful campaigns and brand growth.


We Reach FAST the Target Audience

In shopping mall galleries and outlets, field marketing activities can be diverse and tailored to the specific environment and campaign goals.


Each type of activity is designed based on the target audience, available promotional space, and campaign objectives.



Seasonal Events and Special Promotions

For themed days, special discounts, or promotional activities tied to specific holidays. This type of activity creates an engaging experience, generating a sense of urgency in potential buyers, increasing visitor interest, and stimulating impulse purchases.




To directly engage potential buyers. Product demonstrations attract attention, encourage interaction with the brand, and provide the opportunity to experience the product firsthand.



Creative Installations and Setups

To use creative visual installations or scenic setups to capture attention, generate curiosity, and encourage interaction. These elements can make the brand memorable and attract the interest of potential buyers while increasing product and brand awareness.


People Who Make a Difference

Every person makes a difference, especially when it comes to representing a brand and its products.

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Our HR team meticulously selects hostesses to represent the brand, ensuring they are suitable for the campaign's needs and objectives. Not only in terms of resume and personal experience but also in attitude.

Our exclusive selection platform is the key to successful recruitment. Through advanced tools and well-defined criteria, we identify people with the necessary experience who demonstrate the perfect attitude to represent the brand's vision and values.



We verify relational and communication skills, providing the necessary training to accurately engage the target audience.


  • Management and Production of Promotional Materials: From Concept to Retrieval

    We create highly customized visibility materials suitable for the context of shopping mall galleries and outlets.

From creative concept to production, we design and develop a wide range of promotional supports such as totems, displays, promotional islands, stands, and billboards.

Our service includes not only material creation but also complete logistics management. We take care of:

  • Storage
  • Material transportation
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Retrieval at the end of the campaign

Thanks to an efficient logistics network and extensive storage space, we guarantee the utmost care and precision in managing promotional materials.



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