Pet Care

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Field Marketing for Pet Care

We design and execute In-Store Promotion campaigns and shelf-presence projects for the Pet channel, in specialized stores, chains, and franchises.


Our campaigns start with an analysis of the client's objectives to develop effective communication that engages the consumer and guides them into the product world. Our Team's Ambassadors are dynamic and qualified, specifically trained to deliver captivating and informative presentations, with a strong focus on product characteristics – crucial for companies in the pet food sector.


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In-Store Promotion e Merchandising


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POP Materials Design


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360° Logistics


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Creating Interactions with Potential Buyers

Our primary goal is to place products in the spotlight and create engagement, devising strategies to maximize their appeal, ensuring visibility and interest from potential buyers.

Every campaign begins with an analysis of the client's needs, objectives, and KPIs. 


We make sure to highlight the unique features and properties of the product, crucial in the pet world considering the elevated average customer expertise. This approach aims to be authoritative and connect with the emotional sphere of potential buyers who highly prioritize the well-being of their pets.


To establish a connection and create positive interactions with the audience, our Ambassadors conduct informative and emotionally engaging presentations.



Ambassador Teams

The Brand's in-store voice




Ambassadors aim to ensure maximum satisfaction and build lasting trust between the Brand and the consumer.


They develop clear and engaging face-to-face communication, evident in their ability to offer personalized advice to both owners and their four-legged friends.



Targeted Selection for Aptitude

We carefully choose Ambassadors who navigate the Pet channel with ease and possess excellent interpersonal skills.


We value the firsthand experience of our staff because we understand it is fundamental to conducting natural, effective, and transparent In-Store Promotion activities.


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Tailored Training

Our Ambassadors undergo specialized training in classrooms or through digital formats, to present each product comprehensively and engagingly. Additionally, they participate in continuous update courses.

Thorough training is the foundation of our service because we believe an informed and understood customer is a happy customer, ready to make a purchase.


Merchandiser Teams

The Brand's in-store hand


Our merchandising service in the Pet Food channel is highly specialized: we commit to ensuring your products maintain optimal visibility within retail outlets. We meticulously follow our clients' instructions with the goal of organizing shelves to capture consumer attention, ensuring an optimized and impactful presence of items.




We ensure the replenishment of shelves according to positioning and display quality principles.



Assortment Verification

We handle the verification of the product range on shelves. Additionally, we manage the removal of expired or out-of-stock products and analyze the shelf presence of competitors.



Price Monitoring

We manage the control and updating of product prices on shelves. We also conduct price monitoring of competitors.




Our personnel receives POP materials, transports them to the point of sale, sets them up, and positions them in high-impact areas in the selling area.


Logistics: We manage every detail of the promotional campaign

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