In-Store Promotion

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Elevate Your Product Awareness

Our In-Store Promotion service aims to increase Product Awareness by highlighting the product's features and reducing consumer uncertainty. This is achieved through communication delivered by specially trained and skilled Brand Ambassadors.

In-Store Promotion activities at the point of sale are a particularly effective marketing tool. They not only take place at the time and place where consumers decide what to buy, but also allow customers to experience the product firsthand, creating empathy and interest. For instance, through samples, demonstrations, or consultations conducted directly by Brand Ambassadors.


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Generate Interest



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Create a Feeling



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Let Them Experience It Hands-On



360° In-Store Promotion

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Intercept potential customers at the moment of purchase, showcase the product directly in the store, and capture consumer attention: the 'in-store experience.'

In-Store Promotion presents the values and benefits of the campaign's leading product in Operational Marketing to effectively and empathetically reach consumers and increase Sell Out.


We manage the activities directly and provide data throughout the In-Store Marketing campaign, utilizing selected personnel and digital tools for campaign monitoring. Additionally, we handle the logistical management of promotional material.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Your trusted person for product, service, and brand promotion.

Establish a Connection with the Consumer

The Brand Ambassador is the driving force behind In-Store Promotion activities. They represent the brand, its vision, and values in the store to communicate the product and build trust with consumers.


Through targeted training and an in-depth understanding of the product, they explain its features and advantages, engaging the consumer, even on an emotional level, to encourage them to make a purchase.
For the In-Store Promotion service, we provide a team of qualified professionals selected and trained to be the perfect ambassador for the brand, product, and target channel.


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Targeted training is essential to ensure that the Brand Ambassador can effectively articulate the promoted product. They need to address consumer inquiries and illustrate the product's advantages in a clear, convincing, and empathetic manner.


Therefore, our specialized training team provides tailored training, followed by knowledge assessment activities, along with continuous assistance during promotional activities.

Personnel Selection

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Brand Ambassadors handling In-Store Promotion must be well-prepared, competent, and motivated to ensure efficiency and precision. A highly experienced specialized team is dedicated to carefully selecting promotional staff to ensure the highest levels of competence.


For personnel selection, proprietary digital platforms are exclusively used to choose profiles that best match the channel and product type, which will be the focus of the promotional campaign.

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