Campaign Manager Tool

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Real-time Campaign Monitoring

Our digital tool, Run Faster, allows each client to track ongoing Field Marketing campaign activities and data in real time.

Run Faster is accessible via a dedicated online area, customizable to meet the specific needs of each client and campaign. It enables optimal and direct planning, management, and monitoring of multi-promotional activities.

The reserved area is connected with the Run Faster App provided to the personnel. This enables tracking of on-field activities, leveraging geolocation and allowing staff to upload on-site photographs.


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Promotional Activity Planning


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Promotional Activity Management


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Real-time Monitoring


Run Faster: The Customizable Management Tool

verifica l'andamento delle attività di field marketing

Run Faster is the digital platform for Field Marketing campaign management, offering tailor-made customizations to suit each client's needs.
The portal, entirely online and accessible at any time from any device using credentials, provides the ability to create personalized dashboards for a quick view of the key data for each promotional campaign undertaken.

For instance:

  • Shipment status
  • Transport documents
  • Photos provided by on-field personnel


For convenient data browsing, it automatically generates customizable reports, facilitating a focused analysis and verification of the data.

Reports can be downloaded in Excel format onto your computer.

Tailored Reporting

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Leverage the option to automatically generate reports as per your requirements. Analyze and verify the data that matters most to you, enabling active monitoring of In-Store Promotion and Merchandising activities.

Download your documentation conveniently in Excel format.


Post-Activity Analysis

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Monitoring campaign activities and data during Field Marketing campaigns provides a comprehensive overview of results upon project completion.

Furthermore, our experts are available for an exhaustive and comprehensive analysis at the end of the campaign.

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