P.O.P. Material

materiale promozionale impatto

Engage and attract consumers

We design and create promotional material specifically for in-store activities. The service also includes material transportation, in-store setup, and retrieval at the end of operations.


The service delivery phases are structured as follows:

  • Design
  • Handling
  • Setup
  • Return

The customized production of visibility materials allows for compelling and impactful communication that captures attention, communicates the product's value, and engages consumers directly, thereby increasing the likelihood of purchase.

We create P.O.P. materials to align with Brand Identity and the goals of multi-promotional projects undertaken.


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Tailor-Made Production

We design and create customized visibility materials for individual activities, to ensure functionality and appeal

Depending on the project nature and chosen channel, we create copy and design in line with the company and product's communicative image, maintaining a consistent and recognizable identity.


We produce various types of P.O.P. material (both durable and non-durable), from simple corners to promotional islands.

For example:

  • Display units with screens
  • Product dispensers
  • Shaped displays
  • Product-holding displays
  • Modular displays, in multiple pieces
  • Signs with or without stands
  • Display boxes or "transformer boxes"
  • Totems
  • Modular column made of cardboard cubes
  • Advertising display for windows with shelves or product housing
  • Double-sided floor signs with stand or A-stand
  • Classic or pop-up shaped displays
  • Makeup displays with product compartments
  • Banners and Roll Ups
  • Promotional islands
  • Window signs and billboards, with or without rear stand


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Beyond the production of P.O.P. material, we also handle storage, handling, installation, and retrieval of visibility material. Our comprehensive 360° logistics solution relieves the client from the need to directly manage the logistics of their promotional campaigns.

We take care of material storage, promotional kit management, delivery tracking, and documentation management.

Run Faster

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We provide each client with a customizable online reserved area for real-time monitoring of ongoing Field Marketing campaigns. Our tool, Run Faster, allows for checking the location of P.O.P. material. When set up in the point of sale, it enables receiving a photographic report directly from the responsible personnel.


But that's not all, Run Faster is the tool for data analysis, KPIs, and ongoing campaign performance, accessible at any time.

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